About us

We began serving the collision repair industry in Florida 1968. The original company was an independent paint distributor of several major manufacturers including DuPont, BASF, and Sherwin-Williams. After a successful sale of the company to a Fortune 500 company in 1986, Craig Howell started Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. in 1992 as a paint booth service and maintenance business serving the customers he had developed relationships with in the automotive, marine, and industrial paint business.

In 1999

Craig acquired the paint booth equipment line of then Team Blowtherm and later the fully merged equipment manufacturer Global Finishing Solutions. He and his staff have grown Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. into one of the leading full service paint booth distributors in Florida.

Due to Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. dedication to sales, installations, and service, they have been in the national Top 10 of all distributors for GFS since acquiring the distributorship in 1999. Our customers include large and small body shops, automotive dealerships, industrial applications in the furniture industry, and marine applications. As a normal part of their service, Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. specializes in “turn key” installations, which includes the complex permitting processes of the different municipalities.

Shawn Davis

handles the West Coast and central Florida areas for sales. Shawn has come to us after a successful paint booth sales and service career in Texas. He was the lead salesman in one of the largest paint booth distributorships in the nation while is Dallas, Texas and has a proven track record of service after the sale for his customers.

Paul Merring

is our Service Manager and has been with Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. for over 18 years. He is well versed in all areas of paint booth filters and service requirements for many equipment brands and models.

Many members of our staff have been with us for over 5 years and some over 10. These are highly trained people in paint booth equipment installation and service and their dedication is just one of the many reasons why we have been successful and why to choose Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc. as your equipment supplier.

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