Since 1984

When Eurovac pioneered Body Shop Dust Extraction Systems in North America with the introduction of the Eurovac Mark 1, leading Body Shops have enjoyed all the benefits of dust-free working conditions….and saved money at the same time!

Install a Eurovac Dust Extraction System, and its powerful turbine pump and cyclone will remove virtually all sanding dust at the source, ensuring that your shop maintains a clean, healthy work environment. You’ll reduce the chance of dust contaminating your painting areas, and cut the time and expense of labor spent on clean-up.


To meet the diverse needs of the Auto Collision & Repair Industry, Eurovac has a solution for virtually every application and budget from an economical Portable System to a powerful 75hp Eurovac III Central system.

Compact Portable
ZCl Composites

When repairing an aluminum structured vehicle, it is essential that extreme care be taken to capture all the particulates at the source to prevent cross metal contamination. Eurovac will ensure you meet the automobile standards with the use of a portable or central dust and fume extraction system.

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