In today’s environment, operations know the meaning of efficiency, reduced cycle time, more environmentally friendly processes and variable cost reduction. Choosing BECCA solvent recyclers and spray paint gun cleaners/washers is the right choice.

    BECCA continues to redefine what a gun cleaner, washer or solvent distillation recyclers are supposed to do
  • Lowers your costs
  • Improves your efficiencies
  • Maintains your system to provide longer life
  • Provides professional expertise

BECCA’S solvent recyclers, spray gun cleaners and washers are designed for automotive and industrial applications. Reduce Hazardous waste with solvent recovery through our distillation recyclers which offers a more environmentally friendly solution to recycling your solvent. Our systems also bring cleaning to a new level, which allows your spray guns to get cleaner than ever before. BECCA has environmentally sound equipment solutions for the finishing specialist.

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