With the increasing need for clean compressed air in paint shops as well as the need for the air to be brought to breathing air quality (especially with waterborne coatings), DanAm Air Systems utilizes the innovative technology features that provide a cost effective, easy to install compressed air piping system. The system can also be integrated into existing systems such as copper or steel without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects.

The DanAm Air system utilizes “push to connect” technology fittings that secures connections with a simple push and it provides a leak-free guarantee. This dramatically cuts costly labor hours. The smooth walled aluminum pipe is available in ½” to 4” diameters and provides a smooth contaminant free surface that has extremely high air-flow. The aluminum pipe also eliminates the issues of cutting oils in steel pipe installations, and solder in copper systems that cause contamination issues.

DanAm and Florida Filtration & Spray Booth Services, Inc offers aid in the design and layout of the new piping system. A hand drawn layout, together with the distances in feet, the number of required drops, and where you would like them, and we can send back a quote of the required piping components.

Please visit the Dan Am website at www.danamair.com

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