Tsunami Filtraion Systems

The number one cause of precision downtime and repair is water, oil, oil vapor and particulates from compressed air systems. Fouling of air lines can cause breakdowns and expensive repairs. Tsunami filtration systems are designed to maximize performance and eliminate downtime on your precision equipment.

The most important part of the filtration is on the inside. What separates Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions from other manufacturers is that our filters are machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Most manufacturers use die cast housings which will eventually oxidize and create a white rust inside your filtration. The Tsunami products are anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, inside and out.

The Tsunami water separator removes water, up to a quart per minute, and filters particulate down to 10 micron. The oil coalescing filters removes oil aerosols down to .001 ppm and traps particulates down to .01 micron. Tsunami filtration packages come standard with float drains where water separators and oil coalescing filters are used. Mounting brackets are included with the filtration packages.

Please visit the Tsunami website at www.gosuburban.com

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